Medical Malpractice Can Cause Birth-Related Injuries to Mothers

Many of us are aware that medical malpractice during the delivery process can lead to severe, life-changing injuries to newborns. However, what we are all likely less aware of are the injuries that are suffered by mothers. According to various statistics, thousands of mothers in the country suffer either serious or fatal injuries during childbirth, many of which can be prevented and are caused by the negligent actions of attending medical staff. Substandard medical care can include a vast array of errors, including failures that lead to death, strokes, and permanently debilitating injuries to both mother and child.

Here are some prominent examples of medical negligence that frequently result in preventable injuries to mothers:

Mother holding newborn baby
  • Neglecting to monitor the mother’s blood pressure during pregnancy and the birthing process
  • Neglecting to sufficiently treat a mother’s high blood pressure by administering medication to prevent strokes
  • Neglecting to identify and address infections or other dangerous medical conditions, such as gestational diabetes
  • Neglecting to track blood loss in the mother
  • Delay or failure to perform a C-section

Any number of these mistakes can have a disastrous impact on a mother, resulting in strokes, infections, and extensive blood loss that can cause organ failure. Some of the most common injuries mothers can sustain as a result of medical negligence include:

  • Vaginal tears
  • Post-natal traumatic stress disorder
  • Post-partum hemorrhage
  • A ruptured uterus
  • A prolapsed uterus

Legal Recourse for Maternal Injuries Sustained During Delivery

If you believe that you suffered a birth injury that was caused by the negligent actions of a medical professional during the delivery process, you could have a medical malpractice claim. Although the effects of these injuries are personal to each individual, some possible consequences of birth injuries in mothers include:

  • Physical symptoms that impact your quality of life
  • Mental health problems
  • A breakdown in your relationship
  • Difficulty bonding with your newborn baby
  • Being unable to return to work due to the symptoms of your injuries

Maternal Birth Injury Attorneys in Hawaii

If you suffered an injury during the delivery process as a result of substandard medical care, you might have a valid medical malpractice claim and have a right to pursue fair and just compensation. At Davis Levin Livingston in Hawaii, our birth injury attorneys are backed by over 160 years of collective legal experience, which we will use to your advantage. Do not suffer in silence. Let us fight to hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions.

Get started on your birth injury case today and contact our law office at (808) 400-7517 to request a free initial case evaluation with one of our knowledgeable attorneys.


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